The Method of Raising Efficiency of Laboratory Samples Grinding at the Oscillation Grinders IV-3 and IV-4

Specialists who in the 1980-ies worked in the laboratories of geological and mining enterprises, are very well familiar with the oscillation grinders IV-2, IV-3 and IV-micro designed for fine grinding of laboratory samples of different mass in geological exploration. These grinders were manufatured at the three plant of the USSR Ministry of Geology, including the Complex Expedition of the All-Russian Institute of Mineral Raw Materials (VIMS). Since 1993 OAO “Grant” (Naro-Fominsk) started manufacturing the IV-4 grinders.

These oscillation grinders proved to be so durable that in many institutions they continued to be operated till today. As their fittings (milling glasses and grinding shafts) are deteriorated, customers have to fabricate them themselves or buy them from the OAO “Grant”.

The author of the above-mentioned technologies who currently is a research advisor of the Group of Companies “Pugachev&Partners” offers the method of raising effectiveness of laboratory samples grinding at old laboratory oscillation grinders IV-3 and IV-4 still used in some laboratories.

The method involves the replacement of grinding fittings. At present, milling glasses and grinding shafts with a new patented (RF Patent №74830) form of working surface are produced. These new fittings make it possible to considerably (1.5 times) increase the amount of samples being ground, to raise efficiency of grinding process and to reduce the time of grinding samples down to analysis grain size. Due to unified sizes, new milling glasses developed for grinders IVP-100, can be used in grinders IV-3 and IV-4.

Having replaced old milling fittins by new ones, every laboratory can considerably reduce expenditures on geological samples processing which will result in substantial saving.

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