Centrifugal concentrator of precious metals CVKP-25

New generation of centrifugal oscillation concentrators


The RF Patent №2220772


The centrifugal oscillation concnetrator CVKP-25A (hereinafter concentrator) is designed for high-quality gravity concentration of fine-graned materials (alluvial sands and finely ground ores) containing free gold, silver and platinum in industrial extraction of fine and finely dispersed fractions of precious metals and other heavy precious minerals.


— in semi-industrial technological analysis of bulk samples of mineral and industrial raw materials containing precious metals;

— in industrial processing of ore and alluvial deposits and old mines waste containing precious metals, as well as waste of placer gold-concentrating and gold receiving sites;

— in industrial processing of technogenic raw materials containing precious metals (sand and gravel mixtures, non-metallic waste and ashes of heat energy plants, slag waste of metallurgical production, electronic scrap);

The concentrator must be operated indoors or under shelter at positive air temperature. Operation conditions correspond to the version «O» of category 2.1 as specified in the standard GOST 15150-69.

Technological advantages:

— production of high-density concentrate and fine gold and platinum extraction of up to 97%;

— the possibility of extraction of gold and platinum concentrate with grain size of down to 5 μm;

— quick washing of concentrate (for 15-20 sec);

— ecological cleanness of the technological process;

— high economical efficiency of operation;

— the possibility of operation with the use of recirculated water;

— the possibility of adjustment of the concentrator operating parameters in dependence on processed raw materials characteristics.



Technical characteristics:

Grain size of processed material, mmno more than 3 
Capacity (solids), t/hour:up to 25 *) 
Extraction of gold with grain size of + 50 μm,%up to 96
Pulp dilution (solid to liquid ratio)from 1:3 to 1:12
in concentration of alluvial sands1:3…1:6 
in concentration of heavy technogenic raw materials and finely-ground ores1:8…1:12
Produced concentrate amount, lno more than 2
Cup rotation velocity, r/min312
Cup oscillation frequency, osc/min1900
Supply line characterestics(380+_ 38) V, frequency (50+_ 1) Hz
Installed power, kW3.7 (2.2+ 1.5)
Size, мм 
lengthno more than 400
widthno more than 900
heightno more than 1200
Weight, kgno more than 370
Mean time to failure, hoursno more than 500
Mean total service life, years5
Mean time to restore normal operationno more that 5 hours
Resistance between a grounding screw and each accessible metal noncurrent carrying part of the device mustnot exceed 0.1 Ohm

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