Keith Keller



fine grinding of dry laboratory samples of rocks, minerals, ores and other materials in preparation for phiysical-chemical analyses


Innovative patented grinding fittings provide higher technical and economic performance in comparison with the widely-known grinders IV-3 and IV-4:

— higher capacity;

— the possibility to grind a larger sample amount;

— smaller grain size of ground material (down to 20 ?m);

— higher reliability of the vibratory drive

Technical characteristics

Capacity (grinding down to 0,044 mm), kg/hUp to 7
Initial grain size of the sample, mmBelow 2 
Final grain size of the ground sample, mmBelow 0,074
Live capacity of one grinding vessel, cm*100
Number of simultaneously ground samples14
Comsumed power, kWtNot exceeding 0,55
Supply line characteristics, V/Hz380/50
Size, mm700х552х485
Weight, kg130
Grinding parts materialSteel 45 or steel 40×13

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