Continuously operated centrifugal concentrator KCN-1


High-quality gravity concentration of bulk samples of fine-grained materials (alluvial sands or fine-earth ores) ) containing over 0,2% of free heavy minerals, including free gold, platinum, silver, with specific gravity 1,5 or more times exceeding the minerals specific gravity


— in concentration of gold sulphide and polymetallic ores (tin, copper, zinc, chromite, wolfram, titanium-zirconium, molybdenum, etc), as well as of iron-containing ores.

— in semi-industrial processing of industrial waste of polymetals processing plants for the extraction of heavy precious minerals, for example, by individual gold miners

Technological advantages:

— the possibility to produce high-density concentrate of heavy minerals with 10 ?m grain size

— high concentrate amount reduction (up to 35 times);

— ecological cleanness of the technological process;

— lack of rigid requirements to the quality of water being used


Technical characteristics

Maximum grain size, mm 3
Maximal capacity: (solids), kg/hUp to 1000
Optimal pulp dilution (solid to liquid ratio)From 1:4 to 1:8
Supply line characteristics, V/Hz380-220/50
Electromotor of the vessel drive AIR71 A60.37 kWt/ 915 rotations per minute
Electromotor of the vibratory drive AB-052-2M (2 items)90 W/2800 rotations per minute 
Size, мм710х575х850
Weight, кгNo more than 100

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