The Extraction of Precious Metals From Slags, Sinters and Fusion Furnaces in Pyrometallurgical Melting


Precious metals melting has long since become one of major technological processes in jewelry making. In the last two decades many enterprises processing gold and platinum-containing raw materials (including technogenic waste) have been widely using pyrometallurgical processes of melting of high grade heavy concentrate for the production of gold and silver ingots.

The enterprises that have introduced this technology, got additional profit due to the elimination of refinery expenses, lower transport costs and expenses for upgrading metal content.

The “Pugachev&Partners” specialists involved in the solution of the problem of effective processing of industrial waste by ecologically safe methods, offer the technology of precious metals extraction from sinters and fusion furnaces, as well as from overspills of sorbtion columns and refinery waste.

Many research studies demonstrate that after fine grinding of slugs, sinters and fusion furnaces, precious metals can be successfully extracted (up to 95-98%) from this material, in general in the form of small, fine and dust fractions, by gravity method with the use of the innovative updated centrifugal oscillation concentrator CKP-0.2M.

The complex for processing these raw materials, comprises the following equipment:

— jaw crusher DSh 60х100;

— cone inertial crusher KID-100;

— oscillation grinder IVP-100;

— ring oscillating screen Gr-3;

— repulper R50;

— centrifugal concentrator CKP-0.2М;

— reservoirs (tanks, buckets) for products collection;

The enterprise processing 1 t of these raw materials per month can be set up at the area of 50 m2, wherein 30 m2 will be occupied by the equipment complex.


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